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How to use Hashtags on Instagram

Hashtags started on IG and they’re still going strong today. When hashtags are used on your photos, it is easier to connect with the targeted audience that you need and want. However, it is not always easy to use hashtags the right way and this means you miss out on benefits. But, with the information below that is no longer a worry and you will find it easy to use hashtags the right way.

You can add up to 30 hashtags on each photo that you upload to the site. Statistics show that posts that include at least 15 hashtags do better than posts that contain no hashtags or fewer hashtags. When you use the hashtags, your photos and content is easier to access by a larger audience and helps you build conversions that lead to great sales.

Effective hashtags combine popularity, niche-specific choices. So, to find the best hashtags for your posts, you’ll need to conduct a little bit of research. It is important to use popular hashtags as well as those that are semi-popular. About 8 of these will produce the best results. Some of the most popular hashtags that you can use include #selfie, #love, and #picture. You should also create brand specific tags for your post. Five or six of these hashtags will do great for your photos.

Adding hashtags to your content allows it to show in search results seconds after it is posted. You will notice a dramatic burst in activity on the post and it remains active for many hours ahead. This is a long lifespan for a social media posts. The more comments the content receives, the longer it stays fresh and relevant on the page. The niche-specific hashtags will help you personalize your brand and stand out from the other crowds who offer similar products/services as yourself.

Hashtags are important to use on every photo you post on Instagram. It helps you get likes for Instagram photos but so much more. Indeed, it is as important to use hashtags as it is to buy new likes and fans from an approved company. When the right hashtags are used, it created maximum visibility for your content and that is what you want and need to get ahead in the social media world.

I wish that I had known the importance of hashtags when I began using the site. I saw everyone else doing it but it just didn’t kick in that I should do it, too. Now that I use hashtags, I have tons of followers and get likes for Instagram photos on a regular basis. I love it.

Today is the perfect day to learn how to use hashtags on your IG posts to get the perks that you really want. Using hashtags is one of the easiest ways you will find to spread the word about your brand so do it miss out on the perks that it brings your way. Get your brand name out there and be sure to use the right hashtags, the right way, every time you post on Instagram.


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