About Renew NC

Aug 26th, 2013

The purpose of the Renew North Carolina Foundation is to educate and advocate about policy issues that are critical to the future of our State and its citizens. We believe that economic development and creating jobs for North Carolina’s families, pursuing coordinated excellence in our education system from early childhood through our universities, and promoting efficient and effective government are necessities, not options.

Although North Carolina has been through difficult economic times and not kept pace in many areas, we believe our State’s best days are yet to come. We applaud the recent actions of our State’s leaders to reform our tax code to create certainty and spur job creation; to create efficient and effective government; and, to reorganize and re-focus North Carolina’s economic development efforts. There is, however, much more to be done.

Additional reforms are needed in many areas, including infrastructure, education and resource allocation, to produce an educated workforce that meets the requirements of today’s employment market and to accelerate the creation of jobs for all of our citizens. We will offer a continuing voice in the ongoing public discussion about these needed reforms.

The Board of our Foundation is composed of private sector individuals from across the State with diverse experience in the commerce of North Carolina; public and private business enterprises; and volunteer, non-profit activities at local, statewide and national levels. Our goal is to participate together as advocates for excellence in the future of our State.